Wildlife Protection

Navesta Pharmaceuticals stands against the destruction of nature in wildlife crimes. As a Sri Lankan company, Navesta believes that the biggest valuation we have as a nation is our nature. The protection of this nature is imperative to preserve our history and to ensure a continuing luscious biodiversity for our next generations. Navesta has created awareness programs around wildlife protection encouraging individuals and organizations to stand up and condone these crimes.

Antibiotics Awareness

As an antibiotic manufacturer, Navesta understands the importance of antibiotics in healthcare. One of the most dire health issues which has arisen though, is antibiotic resistance. Navesta puts on continuous programs to educate the community on the importance of only using antibiotics when a medical practitioner deems it necessary to prevent resistance to the drug. 

Education about health and proper use of pharmaceuticals is important in developing understanding in communities as to how to live a healthy life. Health education impacts not only families, but entire economies as individuals are able to contribute more to their communities and societies. Navesta believes that this is a fundamental aspect in ensuring that individuals enhance their livelihood for themselves personally, and for their communities.

Community Developments

One of the greatest attributions to our success is the growth and development of the community in which we're present. Navesta continually reinvests our time and resources into our surrounding communities to provide opportunity for the people and to enhance the livelihood of the community overall. 

Personal Development

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Through this belief, Navesta continually works hard to give back to its employees through continual training programs to increase their knowledge, creating a safe working environment and assisting in the development and enhancement of each and every employee's livelihood.

Navesta believes in ensuring that our employees continually learn, develop, and grow. Different internal initiatives are continually available for the staff to learn new skills, give back to the community, and achieve different personal goals.