At Navesta, we believe that our legacy and success is determined by the impacts which we imprint in the world. We are committed in ensuring that our company conducts business in a socially responsible manner that balances the needs of our business with our impact on the environment, our employees, our entire supply chain, and the communities in which we operate. Our business model is to be a socially conscious company that continues to hold itself to the highest operating standards and business ethics which best benefits the future of our employees, environment, and community.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Through this belief, Navesta continually works hard to give back to its employees through continual training programs to increase their knowledge, creating a safe working environment and assisting in the development and enhancement of each and every employee's livelihood.

Giving back to the communities which Navesta operates in is important, however, impacting communities where Navesta isn't physically present is something the company continually works hard at. The only way which the citizens of the world can have a better life is if communities develop. Assisting in various community development programs is something Navesta is fully committed to.

Being a sustainable and environmentally conscious company is an active daily pledge that Navesta instills at the top and is a duty that each and every employee, supplier, and partner take seriously. The preservation of mother Earth is vital in the health of people all around the world.