Navesta believes governments have a key role as a regulator for pharmaceuticals, as well as a vital role as a partner in the health industry to ensure that a country's citizens have access to the necessary prescriptions which they need. Navesta works with governments through either a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) or through tender bids.


Public-Private Partnership

  • Navesta believes in joint ventures with governments in order to solve a country's most dire health care needs. Public-Private Partnerships showcase not only Navesta's commitment to alleviating health sector concerns; it also represents a government's willingness to welcome investments that'll help lift its citizens to a higher quality of life. Through a united force with governments, Navesta believes that more citizens of the world will have access to high-quality pharmaceuticals, no matter where they are.

Government Tenders

  • Navesta participates in government tenders within the company's relevant fields in order to bid for projects that will assist in the development of the healthcare sector.

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