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Navesta believes that strategic partnerships are vital to driving economic growth, by fostering new connections and promoting innovative ideas. In the healthcare industry, these partnerships can take many forms, from working closely with suppliers to identify opportunities for cost savings, to exploring new ventures that can bring new products or services to market. Navesta is dedicated to forming these partnerships with businesses that share our goal of improving healthcare in communities around the world. By uniting with other businesses in the industry, we believe that we can create meaningful change and make a lasting impact on healthcare outcomes globally.


Navesta is dedicated to working with credible suppliers to ensure the quality of materials used in our products, in order to enhance the overall quality of our offerings.


Navesta is committed to partnering with other pharmaceutical manufacturers and corporations to develop high-quality products through collaborations.


Navesta believes that having a strong global distribution system is essential for ensuring that people around the world have access to high-quality, affordable pharmaceuticals. The company is dedicated to continually improving its distribution system to make it as accessible as possible for all individuals.

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Navesta is headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka. All administrative operations are handled from the Colombo office, while all manufacturing and supply chain operations are handled from the Horana facility.

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