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Navesta recognizes the important role of government in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly as a regulator and partner in ensuring access to necessary prescriptions for citizens. To achieve this goal, Navesta engages with governments through a variety of means, including Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and participating in tender bids. Through these partnerships, Navesta aims to work closely with government agencies to help ensure the availability of essential medications for the communities they serve.

Public private partnership

Navesta partners with governments through joint ventures to solve healthcare needs, utilizing Public-Private Partnerships to improve health outcomes and increase access to high-quality pharmaceuticals.

Government tenders

Navesta actively seeks out opportunities to contribute to the development of the healthcare sector by participating in government tenders within its areas of expertise. By bidding on these projects, the company aims to play a role in improving healthcare outcomes and advancing the industry.

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Navesta is headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka. All administrative operations are handled from the Colombo office, while all manufacturing and supply chain operations are handled from the Horana facility.

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