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Navesta's Operations

Production capabilities

Navesta's manufacturing and supply chain operations are aligned with international pharmaceutical regulatory standards. The company currently operates one facility, with plans to construct two additional factories within the next five years. Navesta's approach of aggressive strategic planning and adaptability to industry and global health changes, enables us to increase capacity, expand product lines and develop accordingly. This approach serves as the basis for Navesta's overall manufacturing strategy.

Manufacturing & supply

Navesta's manufacturing and supply teams are dedicated to producing top-quality drugs and ensuring timely delivery. The company closely manages the supply chain to make sure that patients have access to the pharmaceuticals they need.

Horana facility capability

Navesta's Horana facility, spanning 40,000 sq. ft., is a pioneering sterile dry powder injectable plant in Sri Lanka. The facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology and designed to comply with guidance and regulations from NMRA, cGMP, EU-GMP, and PIC/S.