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Operating Standards

Navesta is fully committed to adhering to local and international pharmaceutical regulations and ensuring the safety of both its employees and consumers. These are critical aspects that form the foundation of the company's operations and values. Additionally, Navesta places a strong emphasis on quality assurance, ensuring that all facilities and procedures are held to the highest standards. This unwavering devotion to compliance, safety, and quality assurance is a core principle of Navesta, and is reflected in all aspects of the company's operations.


Local manufacturing standards

Navesta adheres to Sri Lankas Ministry of Health regulations and holds the necessary certifications and documentation for its operations.

European Union Good Manufacturing Practises (EU-GMP)

Maintaing its strive to be the leading manufacturer, Navesta is in the process of obtaining its European Union Good Manufacturing Prqctises Certification.

Good manufacturing practices

Navesta has implemented a system for ensuring that each and every product is consistent and controlled according to international quality standards.

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