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Navesta is dedicated to adhering to both local and global regulatory agencies and requirements when it comes to its products and facilities. The company takes great care in following all current standards and staying ahead of future trends for tougher, more conservative rules and regulations. This is accomplished through continuous monitoring and updating of the company's policies and procedures, regular training for employees, and regular audits and inspections of the facilities and equipment. Additionally, Navesta works closely with regulatory agencies to ensure that all of its products and operations are in compliance with the latest guidelines and regulations. This commitment to regulatory compliance helps to ensure the safety and efficacy of Navesta's products for patients, and establishes trust in the company among healthcare professionals and the public.

Horana factory

Navesta's state-of-the-art facility in Horana, Sri Lanka, spans 40,000 square feet and is dedicated to the production of sterile dry powder injectable Beta Lactam drugs. This cutting-edge facility, located in the Millewa area of the Horana divisional council in the Kaluthara district, is the first of its kind in the country.

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Sri Lanka

Navesta has established itself in Sri Lanka, utilizing the country's resources, location, and medical expertise to support its operations. The pure ecosystem of Sri Lanka, situated in the Indian Ocean, provides Navesta with an ideal environment. The country's ongoing development provides economic benefits for Navesta and its access to a skilled workforce and strategic partners.

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