Access to affordable, quality, pharmaceuticals for every human is the core belief of Navesta. Headquartered in Sri Lanka, Navesta Pharmaceuticals consists of a leading international team of strategists, pharmacists, and technical personnel to execute this mission. Establishing a sustainable solution that empowers any citizen, of any country, at any time the ability to attain the necessary medicine to resolve some of the world’s most dire health care needs has been the drive behind Navesta’s continual investment into its laboratories, factories, personnel, and partnerships.

Navesta’s persistent commitment to the world through its social responsibility of employee growth development, environmentally best practices, and a continual strive to improve its quality and processes ensures that this generation and the next generation will have access to a more enriched life.


Navesta strives to change the world with its commitment to help communities develop by eliminating health care barriers through being a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer who practices sustainability, acts on integrity, and contributes to communities across the globe.


Navesta works relentlessly to ensure that its contribution to society develops the economy through job creation, empowers its employees through self pride and growth, enhances its customer’s life through affordable and high quality products, and continue its commitment to the community through environmentally best practices of the highest international standards to pave a better livelihood for the next generation.